Full Moon in Capricorn, June 28, 2018 #CapricornFullMoon

Ethony’s Full Moon in Capricorn Spread #capricornfullmoon


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Deck used: Bad Bitches Tarot


  • Bones – What foundations do you need to lay to succeed right now? EIGHT OF SWORDS (R.).

I must lay new mind patterns down in order to change the path my life is journeying. I must reject the idea that there are limitations to my intentions. If I can create my own mental prison, then I can uncreate it. Time to use magic (i.e. ingenuity and improvisation) in order to navigate existence.


  • Patience – Where do you need to apply patience or what is testing your patience? PAGE OF SWORDS.

I must apply more patience in the gathering and interpretation of data I receive. Gather more data. And, spend more time understanding the nuggets of information on their own and when they’re pieced together. I must take time to understand the bigger picture before acting.


  • Plans – What long term plans are calling you? NINE OF PENTACLES.

Oh wow. What an appropriate card to pop up in this placement. If I can apply discernment and patience, then a future of prosperity calls for me. It is understood that to get to this future I must set up an orderly life of service to something greater than myself.


  • Ambition – Where do you need to think BIGGER? FIVE OF CUPS.

I must think bigger/past the past inheritances I’ve received: ancestral wounds. I must continue to heal the anger, sadness, and feelings of isolation. I must truly believe that I can step into a life of happiness and supportive companionship.


  • Support – Where do you need support or how can you support others at risk? FOUR OF CUPS.

Gosh, this card/theme keeps coming up in my personal readings lately. Basically, I must look to those around me who I normally don’t accept help from (especially emotional help). I naturally want to go it alone because it seems all I’ve ever known has been alone-ness (not lonliness, though). It makes sense since my natal Chiron is in my Taurus Fourth House. This may be the most important piece of advice I must heed in order to arrive at the Nine of Pentacles. Sure, the figure is depicted alone on the card, but they clearly don’t FEEL alone.



#awakenedfool #TarotAcademy Week Three: #The Hermit (June 18).

#awakenedfool #TarotAcademy Week Three: #The Hermit (June 18). img_7766


Key IX. What does the Hermit mean to me?

This card makes me think of the part of one’s life where they’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge through their life experience—and instead of being loud and showy offy (no judgment here, of course, I love showy offy stuff) about it, they marinate on it away from others. Or, at least they go within if they don’t literally take on a hermit role by removing themselves from society. And, The Hermit has the light (the knowledge from the life experience) to show one the way. But, The Hermit doesn’t go with you. They (your Higher Self?) gave you the information you needed, gave you an action plan, and told you to be on your way so you can implement the action. They remind you to remember your path. Because, if you still need more guidance, you can always find your way back to them in order to re-learn, re-strategize, and re-analyze. They’re more talkative than The High Priestess. And, they are willing to do more movement than she will. However, like The High Priestess, The Hermit won’t do your work for you.



#awakenedfool #TarotAcademy Week Three: #Strength (June 17).

#awakenedfool #TarotAcademy Week Three: #Strength (June 17).


 Key VIII. What does the Strength card mean to me?

 When I see the RiderWaiteSmith version of The Strength card, I immediately think about implementing “soft power” as opposed to overt, Mars-driven warrior energy. After all, the figure has done the diplomacy to convince the mighty lion to open its mouth. The scene isn’t one of battlefield strife or boardroom hotheads. I’m hesitant to use the word ‘manipulation’ when describing my most dominant meaning I associate with this card. But, what else (other than diplomacy) would one use to describe how the person convinced the lion that the lion wanted to open its mouth? The card is associated with Leo—the sign most associated with the top of the leadership pyramid. Was it Kissinger who said that leadership is convincing other people that what you want them to do is what they want to do—and then they do it??? If it was him, I’m sure he said it in a far more eloquent way. Anyway, this card immediately brings to my mind that Strength can take diplomatic, non-armed forms. And, that true strength really doesn’t come from armed combat to begin with. Strength, like power, are where human beings believe it resides (pretty sure Varys from Game of Thrones said a paraphrase of that).


#thejunetarot hosted by @lionharts (June 17 – June 23).

#thejunetarot hosted by @lionharts (June 17 – June 23).


June 17. Draw a card for each thing you shared yesterday. Here is the link to show that the items for these cards were (1.) Weight , (2.) Family, and (3.) Tears. (1.) EIGHT OF PENTACLES. (2.) THE SUN (R.) (3.) THE MAGICIAN (R.).

The experience I had (and still occasionally endure) being ridiculed for my size influenced me to spend years learning (with the intent to mastery) (i.) emotional resilience, and (ii.) healing modalities. Even though I knew my family’s emotional health was wounded, I knew that I wouldn’t allow it to keep me from shining forever. Because, nothing on this earth can snuff out the light of the sun. The old emotional body I had as a child has learned to transmute incoming harm into whatever too is needed for the situation (i.e. defensive weapon, shields, turning knives into flowers, etc.).


June 18. Neptune Rx in Pisces: What self-development needs focus? FOUR OF SWORDS.

Less contemplation of hard, troublesome subjects which worry the mind!!! They are but mere illusions to cause unnecessary unrest. Cultivate better mind patterns by marrying emotional resilience and mental power by way of chakra-mantra based meditation.


June 19. A different look at something I’m not proud of. PRINCE OF WANDS (R.) + FOUR OF PENTACLES (R.).

I’ve got a lot of creative energy that’s spread thinly over such a vast landscape that I’ve not actualized any material gain from my creativity. The upbringing I had sort of promoted the attitude that if you can’t profit from a talent, then there isn’t any use in developing it. Instead of feeling like such a thing is shameful, I can rejoice in the fact that I do my creative stuff because it makes me happy. I’m not motivated by material wealth. I’m motivated by feeling happy. So, I do the things which make me happy. Simple as that. There’s nothing wrong with making wealth from creativity, of course. I’m just saying an alternative way to see this situation I’m not proud of is that no matter what people say about me—I at least know that what I do is based in happiness (not being a slave to the coin).


June 20. Spread – My love, my pride, my strength of mind. ACE OF PENTACLES (R.) + ACE OF SWORDS (R.) + QUEEN OF PENTACLES.

Love from the spiritual realm (i.e. guides, guardians, ancestors, etc.) have helped me throughout my life so that no matter how crappy things got, that situations were righted so that bad fortune rolled into good fortune. Thanks, spirit loves! I appreciate all yall. My earthly pride is tethered to my mental abilities. And, this placement reminds me that every once in a while I need to turn those swords into plowshares (use my mental energy for peace instead of war every once in a while. Thanks for the reminder, Source!). My strength of mind comes from life experience relating to issues of physical and fiscal well-being. I know what it’s like to not feel security and then to regain the feelings of security. And, I share that life experience to help others—only when they want to hear it, of course. I don’t intervene in those subjects without permission.


June 21. This does not define me, I am so much more than this. ACE OF WANDS (R.) + SEVEN OF PENTACLES.

My penchant for having interests in SO MANY THINGS which look like I dabble with a bunch of false starts does not define me. I am more than the stereotypical flighty, distracted Gemini archetype.

June 22. Confetti Break – Happy Birthday Witchling twins.


June 23. Write down or journal what is currently on your mind. [The Hermit + The Emperor] x Queen of Cups (R.).

I’ve thought about the last solar year of my life (my solar return was this week). And, I’ve been thinking about how my penchant for heroine-worship or pedestal-elevating of people I admire isn’t very healthy. I suppose I’ve been conditioned to believe in respecting smart people in power (in my personal universe) so much so that I re-evaluate my own strength when those very people and I have moments of contrast (some would say conflict, but I’m speaking about the vast spectrum of misalignment—from the mundane to the spiritual). However, the pattern I’ve noticed over the last solar year has been that many of the people I had elevated on a pedestal have reflected a character trait of myself that I want healing: The expectation that people ought to feel the way I think they should feel. In my experience, this is a learned behavior. I grew up in a very militaristic household with a stereotypical controlling military father. In the emotionally healthy homes, I notice (in hindsight) that while we military dependents were expected to follow orders, that our “commanders” (parents) gave no craps about whether we emotionally aligned with the orders or not. They wanted your physical compliance knowing the wisdom that they had no moral right to force you to feel a certain way about the compliance. You had at least THAT freedom. In an emotionally unhealthy household like mine (things got better as all of us family members evolved), you had to follow orders and if your “attitude” wasn’t right, you got punished (by various means, i.e. economic, socially, corporally, etc.). So, I immediately want to fight back when somebody I have a disagreement with expects me to have certain emotions about the compliance I give them. Like, hey, I complied with your orders, buddy. I don’t have to like it and you aren’t entitled to control how I emotionally experience my compliance. So now I have to contemplate how this has impacted by emotional world. My great work I intend on doing this year (and for the rest of my life), is to purge this tendency I so detest whenever it comes from me. It’s easy for me to spot it in others because I realize I have it in myself (because of enduring years of institutional control. Thanks, Stereotypical Controlling Military Brat Life). I guess I can see this as a blessing in disguise. I can at least spot subtle Yin-based sinister methods of control coming miles away before others (others being people who can only notice overt expression of control and abuses of power).



Exploring the Suit of the Swords: Ten of Swords Tarot Spread.

Exploring the Suit of the Swords: Ten of Swords Tarot Spread,

Card: Ten of Swords

Astrological correspondence: Sun in Gemini.

1 Ten of Swords


Ah, the Ten of Swords. With such a grim depiction in the RiderWaiteSmith version of the card, one could easily forget that the card corresponds to the astrological placement of Sun in Gemini. Gemini, the typically cheery and mercurial sign. The ten swords piercing the person’s back appear neither cheery nor mercurial. Homeslice is pretty much in despair (almost dead) and stagnant. Hahaha Why do I laugh? Because, like Gemini, there is ALWAYS another way to perceive circumstances (less sympathetic critics of Gemini would say there is always another way for Gemini to spin the truth). Sure, the person in the Ten of Swords could have tapped into the Sun in Gemini traits of collecting many nuggets of knowledge, learning disparate mindsets to aid in one’s adaptability, and sharing all that information. However, the shadow perception of those traits can be that collecting so much information without discernment can overwhelm one with anxiety; That the learning of so many conflicting mindsets could turn a healthy adaptability skill set into an unhealthy loss of identity and sense of self; and oversharing so much information (and/or the things associated with Swords & the Air Element) can spread one’s energy so thin that they’re chronically fatigued or brought to their breaking point. Yikes! But, fear not! As part of Ethony’s Exploring the Suit of the Swords Tarot Spread Collection, @LadyVTavora presents the Ten of Swords Tarot Spread. Been defeated? Experiencing existential crises? Trying to overcome victimhood mindset? Extreme fatigue? Betrayal? Trying to find rejuvenation? Well, work through this spread to find the seeds to grow future success! It can’t get any worse. It can only get better. That’s ultimately the meaning of the Ten of Swords, after all.

2 Ten of Swords

Shuffling the deck:

Shuffle your deck well while you think about your seemingly troublesome situation. Shuffle and shuffle well! Now, carefully turn the deck over face-up. While cycling/discarding your cards in order as they appear, find the Ten of Swords. The card which comes up just before the Ten of Swords goes in Card Placement Two. The card which comes up just after the Ten of Swords goes in Card Placement Three. Make sure to place the Ten of Swords in Card Placement One. Now, go back to your deck and shuffle well, again! And draw cards, in your usual way, for Card Placements Four through Seven. Take a deep breath and know that everything gets better. Then, shuffle your deck again. When you’re done shuffling, place the card from the top of the deck (whatever ‘top’ means to you) in Card Placement Eight. And, place the card from the bottom of the deck (again, whatever ‘bottom’ means to you) in Card Placement Nine.

The Card Placements:

Card One. The Ten of Swords.

Card Two. This card represents the internal forces (or, Spiritual Forces, Karmic Forces, Ancestors, Higher Self, etc.) influencing your current state of mind.

Card Three. This card represents the external forces influencing your current state of mind.

Card Four. What lessons or message from Card Two must you internalize in order to shift your mindset from turmoil to peace?

Card Five. What action is Card Two prompting you to engage immediately?

Card Six. What power do you have to combat the external forces revealed in Card Three?

Card Seven. What must you accept about the external forces’ influence?

Card Eight. What must you shed or let die from your life in order to bring about peace to your mindset/situation?

Card Nine. What is the Higher Purpose for why you’re in turmoil? What excellence will be brought about from you by implementing the advice revealed in this spread?



#awakenedfool #TarotAcademy Week Two: #TheChariot (June 16).

#awakenedfool #TarotAcademy Week Two: #TheChariot (June 16).



Key VII. What does The Chariot mean to me?

This card in the Major Arcana gives me so many meanings and messages ALL AT ONCE. As much as I see it as an obvious sign of movement, I see it as mastery of Oneness allowing for movement. In the way The Lovers card asked us to figure out what brings us to balance, sometimes The Chariot tells me, “You’ve found the balance between the beastly instinctive parts of yourself and the complex human emotional side of yourself. Congrats.  By hitching those two parts of yourself together as a harmonious team, you’re able to move toward your Life Purposes.” In mundane/3D physical world matters, it indicates need to master your profession with military precision in order to win “the test” of maturity on your journey for Oneness (or maybe ‘individuation’ is a better term to use?). No matter what, when this card comes us upright or reversed, it’s reminding me that I am the one to master myself—nobody else can help me get back up on the mount when I fall off. Destiny may be greater than myself, but I still can choose to ride toward it triumphantly or be dragged to it by forces I’ve given myself to. May I always choose to affirm my own agency in all matters (whether they be mundane or spiritual).


#thejunetarot hosted by @lionharts (June 10 – June 16).

#thejunetarot hosted by @lionharts (June 10 – June 16).

Deck: Rider-Waite-Smith


June 10. Draw a card for each mentor/role model and reflect. THE FOOL. So, I’m not going to specifically name the particular role model I was thinking about for this reflection. Just know that there is a very successful woman I admire locally who has a spiritually-based business. And, something I love about her is that she’s ALWAYS into learning more— about everything. She doesn’t rest on her laurels. She keeps learning about her craft. And, she continues to learn about the entrepreneurial technologies required to evolve.


June 11. Six of Cups nostalgia – My proud childhood memories. Specifically, I call on not just a proud childhood memory, but what lesson from that memory can I bring into my current timeline/age? THE CHARIOT (R.). Weird. This memory pops up a lot when I’m asked in tarot card challenges. Basically, I was in an athletic competition on the verge of losing. But, I wasn’t doing to be defeated that day. I pushed through my fatigue, rejected fear of failure, and overcame my opponent. What was crazy, is that they were more talented than I was. They just didn’t have the determination that I had.


June 12. Spread – My situation, the good side, the best outcome. I let the cards decide what situation needs to pop up instead of specifically asking about a situation. SIX OF SWORDS + THE HERMIT. It’s okay to leave old situations/groups in the past. There doesn’t have to be any moral judgment regarding them. I just accept that when people aren’t in alignment with each other, it’s okay for them to part ways. And, the best outcome is that I gain deep knowledge from my experiences which I can use to help others (especially younger people). This relates to my Chiron being in my Taurus Fourth House.


June 13. New Moon in Gemini: How do I make the best of right now? New Moon, New Chances/Energies, right? Let’s see what’s available for me to experience. TEMPERANCE (R.). Dang. Right now, I actually need to get rid of some stuff in my life—or at least put them on hold. Concentrate on what is important RIGHT NOW. Also, be VERY aware of those holding themselves out to be spiritual teachers in my life who are expecting me to give them dollars. Something’s fishy with some of them right now. Tread carefully.


June 14. Where is my pride hurting me more than it’s serving me? SIX OF PENTACLES. My pride gets in the way when I really do need to ask for help, but I don’t reach out for the help.

June 15. Unicorn break – What {fairy} tales or stories have inspired you? ROBIN HOOD! Robin Hood may have been my most favorite tale when I was a little kid! I loved the idea of living free in the forest with neat outfits and bows and arrows! Of course, my childhood understanding of the legend was Robin Hood would sneakily, stealthy, and with great flair fight tyranny in order to help those in need. The older I got and the more research I did (thanks International History Chanel Documentaries), I realized those tales may have been everything BUT what my childhood understanding was. LOL


June 16. Write down 3 things you were ashamed of growing up: (1.) My size compared to other kids my age (I don’t want to straight up say “weight” because that can be misleading—plenty of people weight a lot but don’t look bigger than their contemporaries. Just know people called me a fattie. People means kids, grown-ups, family members, etc.); (2.) That my family didn’t have healthy emotional behaviors like I noticed other families had; (3.) My first reaction to having my feelings hurt was to cry.